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Dates for 2018


23rd - Tindall’s - Colchester

How to Make Cloth Look Realistic Using Coloured Pencils.

Bring along a small piece of cloth (plain or with a very simple check) and learn how to draw and colour it to make it look realistic. You will be shown how to tackle the folds, make it look shiny if its satin or silk and how to make lines and check patterns have continuity.

29th – 2nd February - Higham Hall, Nr. Keswick, Cumbria

Winter in the Garden

There are many interesting things in the winter garden to illustrate. Beautiful leaves, twigs and seed heads make beautiful illustrations for the botanical artist. Using coloured pencils, learn how to capture the intricacies of such subject with an RHS Gold Medal botanical artist. Suitable for beginners and intermediates.


2nd – 5th - Higham Hall, Nr. Keswick, Cumbria

Pet Portraits

Most people have a favourite animal or a precious pet. Learn how to capture our furry friends using coloured pencils, together with some amazing techniques that will help make your illustrations look amazingly realistic.

13th - Tindall’s - Colchester

Pearls in Coloured Pencils on Dark Paper

Using coloured pencils on dark or black paper gives a very exciting finish. Bring along a string of pearls or pale coloured beads and learn how to capture them on a dark background to make them look real and beautiful.


6th & 7th - Tindall’s - Colchester

Black Creatures in Coloured Pencils

Drawing and colouring black cats and dogs can be very difficult because there are no variations in the colour. On this workshop you will be shown how to observe the variations in the black fur and capture your chosen pet using a range of coloured pencils – but not necessarily black! This is all about learning to observe the light.

15th  - Tindall’s - Colchester

Daffodils and Yellow Flowers in Coloured Pencils

Yellow is one of the most difficult colours to ‘get right’ in botanical art so come and join this workshop to find out what colours to use for shading in order to make your yellow flowers look extremely realistic but not ‘muddy’ with grey. Please bring along a subject: daffodils, primroses, narcissi or anything else you may want to illustrate.

27th & 28th - Butterfly Studios, Terling, Nr. Hatfield Peverel

Birds & Feathers

Come and learn how to draw birds and feathers using coloured pencils with award-winning coloured pencil artist Janie Pirie. Janie will show you how to colour birds to make them look amazingly realistic without the need to try and draw every feather. If you would prefer to try your hand at just one beautiful feather then you will be shown how to tackle it to make it look totally believable. Janie’s work has won her many accolades over the past few years so if you have the desire to do beautiful drawings for yourself come along and learn from a master of coloured pencils.


3rd - Tindall’s - Colchester

Stunning Vegetable Leaves in Coloured Pencil

Vegetables are often thought of as ‘uninteresting’ when compared to flowers but think again! There are some wonderful leafy vegetables just waiting to be drawn – and they’re not always green. Janie will show you how to tackle something that looks difficult but isn’t – when you know how!

9th – 13th - Flatford Mill, Dedham

Discover the wonderful world of coloured pencils and learn how to create rich and colourful drawings of all things botanical - flowers, fruit and vegetables - all without adding water to the painting!

This course is for all levels of ability and is designed to show the simplicity and the effectiveness of using wax and oil based coloured pencils (not watercolour pencils) to create beautiful botanical drawings.

During the weekend we will dedicate time to the actual drawing of the chosen subject, the composition of the picture and the basics of using coloured pencils. This will include:

- proportions
- how to make the subject 'interesting'
- using coloured pencils correctly
- learning how to blend colours
- how to create different textures and surface areas
- how to make the subject look 'real'.

We will also look at paper types and the way the pencils behave on them, together with other 'aids' useful to the coloured pencil artist.


18th – 20th - Tindall’s - Colchester

White Creatures in Coloured Pencil - THREE DAYS

White animals are not as difficult as you would think, especially if you start with a coloured surface. Pastelmat or Mi-Tientes ‘Touch’ are very good surfaces for use with coloured pencils and white creatures look beautiful on a pale grey background. With a three-day workshop you will have enough time to complete your picture to a high standard. You will need to bring along a good quality photo or picture from a magazine of a white animal of your choice.


9th – 11th - Tindall’s - Colchester

Birds and Feathers in Coloured Pencil THREE PART

The art of drawing birds is not to draw every feather. You will be shown how to capture your chosen subject to make it look incredibly life-like and three-dimensional. A good quality photograph will be required. There are lots of Bird magazines available with incredibly photography so finding a bird you like should be easy. Of course, you can take your own photograph but be sure it’s clear and big enough for you to copy.

25th - Tindall’s - Colchester

Knitted Garments and Textures in Coloured Pencils

It’s easy to tackle blocks of colour but sometimes more texture is needed to show what type of material is being illustrated. On this workshop you will learn how to approach a variety of different materials and textures to make them look very realistic.


8th - Butterfly Studios, Terling, Nr. Hatfield Peverel

Illustrating Summer Fruits

Learn how to draw and colour simple summer fruits with award winning artist Janie Pirie. Janie will teach you how to choose the right colours, blend colours and make your subjects look really ‘touchable’ and three-dimensional.
Janie will also show you the secret of how to make your summer fruits look amazingly juicy.

9th & 10th - RHS Hyde Hall, Nr. Chelmsford

Rose Weekend

12th & 13th - Tindall’s - Colchester

Tropical Fish in Coloured Pencils

The colours of tropical fish are incredible so come and draw and colour a little fish that has dynamic patterns or colours. You will be able to find a multitude of tropical fish images on the internet or in magazines. Choose something that’s beautiful and bright and Janie will show you how to capture it to make it look believably three-dimensional.

18th – 23rd - Higham Hall, Nr. Keswick, Cumbria

Illustrating Roses

A botanical course to show beginners how to illustrate roses using coloured pencils, from the very basic first steps of drawing, through choosing the right colours, then using them to create beautiful and amazing results. Individual tuition and group demonstrations throughout from an RHS gold award-winning pencil artist! 


3rd – 5th - Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

Illustrating Garden produce

July vegetable gardens are usually overflowing with produce. However, the beauty of so many vegetables goes unnoticed on their way from garden to plate. This workshop will give you the opportunity to discover them in depth as you draw and colour them in detail using coloured pencils. Janie has won many awards for her illustrations of vegetables and will share her knowledge as she takes you through the process of making an accurate drawing followed by all the techniques required to colour your work and make it look amazingly realistic and three-dimensional. Succulent peas dripping with dew, amazing red veined beetroot leaves, crinkly lettuce – the list goes on. Whatever your choice you will be amazed at the beauty of the humble vegetable. Group and individual tuition will be given throughout the course.

6th - Butterfly Studios, Terling, Nr. Hatfield Peverel

White & Pale Flowers

Learn how to illustrate white flowers on a white background. It’s not quite as difficult as you would think. You will be shown how to colour gentle shadows to create soft and delicate white and pale coloured flowers using coloured pencils. Lisianthus, lilies and daisies are just some of the wonderful selection available at this time of the year so there will be no shortage of subjects for you to choose from.

23rd – 25th - Tindall’s - Colchester

Still Life in Coloured Pencil

On this workshop Janie will bring along a few items and set them up in the centre of the table so you can all draw the same subject but from different angles. This is an interesting approach to still life and produces a whole host of different pictures. The likely subjects will be some fruit in a bowl or on a plate, possibly sitting on a piece of cloth and maybe with another compatible item. The items will be fairly simple shapes so the drawing can be done quickly, leaving enough time to complete the piece within the three days.

18th & 19th - Tindall’s - Colchester

Subject to be advised

28th – 30th - Flatford Mill, Dedham

Using coloured pencils this course is for students who wish to draw a portrait from a photograph. It could be a grandchild, a partner, or just a face you find interesting and inspiring. Janie will show you how to copy your photo and colour it to bring it to life on your paper. She will show you how to create skin tones of all shades, how to make eyes sparkle and how to tackle drawing hair. She will also show you how to achieve fine details like eyebrows, eyelashes and blemishes. Your subject can be old or young – as long as you find it interesting. Bring a good quality photograph and ensure your subject is large enough for you to see all the details. An A4 size or larger is best. Crop your photo if necessary as you don’t want to waste the paper with loads of background.



6th - Butterfly Studios, Terling, Nr. Hatfield Peverel
Tues. & Wed. 9th & 10th October

Dogs, Cats & Furry Creatures

A one-day workshop to learn how to tackle drawing furry or hairy animals to make them look realistic. Using coloured pencils Janie will show you how to make eyes look bright and fur or hair to look amazingly real and touchable.

16th – 18th Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

Illustrating Birds

Drawing and colouring birds is easier than you think because you don’t have to draw every feather to make them look realistic. Your tutor will show you how to approach these complex creatures and make a drawing that will come to life on your paper using coloured pencils. Janie has created some stunning pieces of work over the past few years and her knowledge will be shared with group demonstrations and individual tuition throughout. For this course a high-quality photograph will be required. If you haven’t one of your own then look through the bird magazines to find something you like. The artists’ challenge is to copy the photograph and make it look ‘alive’ and three-dimensional by observing light and shade in detail.

19th  - Cambridge University Botanic Gardens


This workshop is a chance for anyone wanting to step into the wonderful world of botanical illustration using coloured pencils. Watercolour has proved quite ‘scary’ to many budding artists but the coloured pencil is a more controllable medium and lends itself perfectly to botanical illustration. Janie Pirie, your tutor, has been awarded two RHS Gold Medals for her illustrations using CPs and will share all her secrets with you. Leaves will be the subject for this one-day course but they can be green leaves or autumn leaves, whatever you prefer.

Faber-Castell Polychcromos:

278 Chrome Oxide Green

174 Chrome Green Opaque

167 Permanent Green Olive

168 Earth Green Yellowish

170 May Green

172 Earth Green

205 Cadmium Yellow Lemon

103 Ivory

105 Light Cadmium Yellow

194 Red-Violet

169 Caput Mortuum


911   Olive Green

1005  Limepeel

938   White

1078  Black Cherry

1095  Black Raspberry

996   Black Grape


8th - Tindall’s - Colchester

Subject to be advised

27th - Tindall’s - Colchester

Subject to be advised

Private one-to-one or group tuition

If you would like private tuition at any time throughout the year in the UK please email Janie at
Demonstrations/Tuition to Groups and Art Clubs

The exact title/choice of topic can be discussed.  
£175.00 for a full day (10.00am - 4.00pm)
£100.00 for a half-day or evening. (3 hours)
Travel is charged at 45p per mile.

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